Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Hands of Time

The concept of time. The meaning and value of an old watch, to become an heirloom. A New Year.

I have long loved this Cape Cod watch from Hermes. I cannot explain why, other than there is something familiar about it to me—perhaps it is the leather that reminds me of bridles from days of riding horses. It is petite. Nautical. Simple. Cape Cod. Hermes describes it as being inspired by the solitary anchor chain link. My father grew up on Cape Cod. My great grandfather was a boat builder—by hand. The sea is in me. Horses are in me. Time is all around me, encompassing all of us.

Perhaps it is because my father always cherished excellent timepieces. I remember from a very young age his particularity with his watches--his handling of an old Tudor watch of my grandfather's.

To him, they were investments, emotional and financial. They were precious. They were symbolic and offered as such.

I once summed my father up with the following six words: He was firm, but had finesse. He was simple yet refined. He was precise and punctual, yet always with a wild spirit. I proudly wear his watch now, just as my sister wears one of his other favorites. They hold within them, their delicate mechanisms, a magical way to hold memories, too.

Just as time passes, my father did too. A few years back. And many would say far too early for his time, time, time… Yet time is a construct of humanity. And we can learn to embrace it, often with the help of beautiful timepieces, old and new, or watch it, count it down, fear it. I’d prefer to remember that it just is… time. As we are upon a New Year, it is time to reflect, grow, feel, see, smile, love, touch, remember, hope, believe… in this time... on our hands.

Tudor Oyster Prince Submariner by Rolex - Original Papers, 8mm Big Crown, circa 1950, courtesy of Fourtane in Carmel, Calif.


  1. Hi There! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Be sure to keep checking in, I'll probably be doing my first giveaway soon! Yours is off to a great start!

  2. Love that first watch! I'm really into wrap-around watches right now, and hoping to get one soon ;)

    xo Jess

  3. Wow... Thank you for the comments. I appreciate them very much and will check out your blogs as well!

  4. Metaphors -- did you read Lakoff's "Metaphors We Live By"?

    BTW, I greatly enjoyed your article on the Ellison Medical Foundation!

    1. @metaphorical Thank you! I just saw this post. No I have not read that but I will take a look! I appreciate your feedback greatly. I am just about to relaunch my website and will have to include a new blog as well. I am just not so good about keeping up with it! It's great to know people are reading my work!