Friday, July 23, 2010

World Cup Delayed Reaction - Victory Blue

The World Cup is over, I know. But I couldn't start something and not finish it. Truthfully, there are too many wonderful pieces from Spain to have to choose one, especially something to reflect the grandeur of a victory as tremendous as the World Cup. So employing my father's old adage "less is more," I went for a splash of color and simple lines: These teal, vintage velvet X-base folding 1960s stools are from Spain. Their lines have something regal about them, as if they could sit their entire life never serving their function and not miss the patronage of a human rump. And the amazing color brings to life the azure seas splashed against sun-bleached rock in all shades of beige, white and sand. The scene is almost cool to the touch... A perfect antidote to the heavy heat of the summer.