Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Flight Path

We speak of being grounded as a good thing, a stability, a force that keeps us centered. Yet don't we all long for flight? The lift -- off and out. The ascent, the fight, the climb. The hope to attain a leveling out, but with a view. Perspective anew. And with moments of grace, too?
Fluidity and force.

It's a fight to defy our fundamental law of physics.
If even for temporary moments, it promises transformation. It lifts us, flight. Releases us from the weight of grounded gravity. If not, then why do we look to the skies for hope? The bird's wing. So fine and feathered, hollowed, patterned and layered, yet so structured, strong with one sole purpose... To fill with breath and lightness to soar.

This bird's wing is made of polished aluminum (Al), a fundamental element (metal), noted for its light weight and non-toxic, non-magnetic and non-sparking properties. It's abundant in the earth's crust but interestingly not found in its free form in nature.

"Bird in Flight" 1960's abstract sculpture in polished aluminum,

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