Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zinc. Equine. Wood.

French cast zinc horse head mounted on old board.
Elemental style. What is it? How do you see it? Where is it found?
Zinc is a metallic chemical element, often used by alchemists. It is an essential mineral for plant, animal and human life and reproduction. The equine was thought to have been domesticated about 4,000 years BC. It has been an essential tool in the creation of cities, farming and warfare. Cast horse heads were often used as architectural ornaments. Wood...well, wood is perhaps one of our most natural best friends. It is the oldest building material in the world, aside from earth itself. It is beautiful, rustic or refined, veined and varied, weathers, maleable, and when living, feeds us and respires with us. It warms us, houses us, supports us, floats us, carries us to our next spiritual destination. I love wood. It is like a wonderful old grandfather.
This beautiful ditty of a pony is courtesy of Wilson Antiques, wilsonantiques.1stdibs.com

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